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Press release: Milestone achievement Indonesian forestry sector – 3 million ha under international FSC certification

Press release: Indonesia’s sustainably managed forest area steadily increases

Press release: International Wood Trade Encounter 6-10 March 2018 Jakarta

Press releaseFSC certification prepares Papua forest concession for exports to Australia and Japan

Press release: Reforestation initiative on degraded lands in Sulawesi achieves international certification

Press releaseGrowth in tropical rainforest area under FSC-certified management further protects wildlife habitats in Kalimantan

News bite: PT Sumalindo Lestari Jaya unit IV on the way to FSC – Controlled Wood Certificate achieved

Press release: New Milestone – 20th FSC® certificate (27 march 2017)

Press release: Two more international certificates for Indonesia’s forest sector (29 June 2016)

Press release: First ever Papua lowland concession achieves international forest management certificate (FSC®) (22 March 2016)

Press release: Business Seminar Surabaya kicks off promotion drive (25 February 2016)

Press release: PT. Gunung Gajah Abadi, East-Kalimantan province, receives Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificate (17 February 2016)

Press release: Papua achieves its first international forest management certificate (10 November 2015)

Press release: TBI – APHI Sustainable Business Event (10-11 November 2014)

Press release: APHI – TBI 7th Signing Event (21 November 2013)

Press release: Milestone for TBI (12 June 2013)  

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Media Coverage: APHI – TBI 6th Signing Event (March 2013)

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Media coverage International Wood Trade Encounter 6-10 March 2018 Jakarta

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