Wood processing industries


Grouping by holding of forest concessions (FSC certified, or in progress)


If you are looking for a specific FSC certified product and you want to know which industry produces this, we refer you to the FSC Database as published by FSC. Just follow the steps below:

  • Click on Certificate Search:


  • Under Organization select country INDONESIA. Under Certificate select Certification code “All” or “CoC”. Under Product select a product category on “level 1”, e.g. “W13 Outdoor furniture and gardening”. Next on “level 2” select your specific product type e.g. W13.1 “Garden furniture”. If you want to specify further you can continue to “level 3”. If you are looking for wood products using a specific wood species, you can enter specifications under option “Species” below “level 3”. For results click SEARCH:


  • The RESULTS page will appear: