Milestone achievement Indonesian forestry sector – 3 million ha under international FSC certification

PRESS RELEASE – Jakarta, 12 February 2018

On February 06th the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) awarded its certificate for responsible forest management to PT Rizki Kacida Reana, a forest concession managing 55,150 ha in Berau District, East-Kalimantan province. Adding this to the recent FSC-certification of neighbouring PT. Karya Lestari (49,123 ha) it results that the FSC certified area in Indonesia has crossed the 3 million ha milestone, making Indonesia the country with the largest FSC certified area in the region. This is a major signal to international markets that the Indonesian wood sector is serious about adoption of best management practices in sustainable forest management.

Rizki Kacida Reana practices low impact logging (reduced impact logging), in order to safeguard the habitat for such endangered species as Müller’s Borneon gibbon (Hylobates muelleri), the Maroon Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), the Crested Grizzled Langur (Presbytis hosei), the Sunda Pangolin (Manis javanica), and the Borneo Peacock-Pheasant, or Great Argus (Argusianus argus).

Funding to PT Rizki Kacida Reana was provided by The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) from the Netherlands, and several other donors to The Borneo Initiative. Technical support to the process of certification was facilitated to a large extent by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In the past four years, TNC provided trainings on reduced impact logging in combination with forest carbon assessment, a potential future additional revenue stream. “First, TNC supported PT. Rizki Kacida Reana to obtain the Indonesian mandatory forest certification (PHPL) as required by the Government of Indonesia. Then, we supported the company to obtain voluntary FSC. Most area within PT. Rizki Kacida Reana’s concession is heath forest, where rare trees such as Agathis borneensis and Araucaria cunninghamii still grow. The concession also includes important mangrove ecosystems around Muara Sungai Pimping in Tanjung Batu,” said Bambang Wahjudi, Improved Forest Manager for TNC Indonesia.

This is the 26th forest concession facilitated by The Borneo Initiative to achieve FSC certification. As complementary to the Indonesian mandatory forest certification (PHPL) required by the Indonesian government, FSC certification is a key to enter the market in Western nations, especially the European Union. PT Rizki Kacida Reana produces around 35.500 cu.m. annually, mostly meranti logs but also bangkirai and keruing, selling logs to among others: PT. Kayu Alam Perkasa (Kutai Kertanegara), PT. Kayu Timber Indonesia (Probolinggo), CV. Dwipa Mandiri Bersama (Surabaya), CV. Superindo Karya Utama (Semarang), SLJ Global Tbk. (Samarinda), and PT. Wood Veneer Adi Perkasa (Surabaya).

The Borneo Initiative is a capacity building program aimed at boosting sustainable forest management capacity among forest concessions in Indonesia. It operates in partnership with APHI, the Indonesian Association of Forest Concessionaires. Forest concessions that participate in The Borneo Initiative benefit from enhanced capacity to meet the Government of Indonesia’s national requirements as defined under the SVLK-system. Next, they become certified under the FSC standard, globally the best recognized standard for voluntary certification of forest management.

Working together with partners TFF, WWF, TNC and Wana Aksara Institute, The Borneo Initiative has facilitated 26 FSC certificates or 2.4 million ha. Overall, there are now 40 forest companies with FSC certification in Indonesia, covering 3.1 million hectares in total. Additionally, there are 10 forest plantations with FSC certification (416,157 ha) and 11 community groups (22,570 ha).

Contact person: Ir. Eddy Irianto ( +62217505143

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