The Borneo Initiative encourages step-wise approach in forest certification in Indonesia

PRESS RELEASE – Jakarta, 4 September 2018

On August 6th the Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) awarded its highest level certificate (FSC 100%) for responsible forest management to PT. Wapoga Mutiara Timber Unit II (WMT II), a forest concession managing 167,923 hectares in Sarmi district, Papua province. With this addition, FSC certified forests in Indonesia reach over 3.2million hectares in total.

WMT II has been supported by The Borneo Initiative since 2011, with technical assistance provided by The Forest Foundation (TFF). Iwan K. Permadi, The Borneo Initiative’s Program Coordinator for Indonesia, added: “The company passed through a lengthy process in getting this FSC certificate, the longest ever in the history of our support program. However, all dynamics in assisting this concession toward sustainable forest management, from The Borneo Initiative’s standpoint, will be very useful in adjusting our program to assist forest concessions even better in the future. The company first achieved FSC Controlled Wood certificate in 2016, then, within 2 years, with continued commitment of WMT II, the company managed to advance their performance and achieved full FSC Forest Management certification in 2018”

CV. Kharisma Duta Utama, the buyer of timber from the company, was also actively involved in supporting the certification process in WMT II. WMT II produces around 55.000 cu.m. annually, mostly Merbau. CV. Kharisma Duta Utama produces a range of high-quality timber products and markets them all over the world, especially to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and China where many customers are now insisting on buying timber products with an FSC 100% certificate.

WMT II practices low impact logging (reduced impact logging), in order to safeguard the habitat of RTE species such as the Northern Cassowary (Casuarius unappendiculatus), the New Guinea Harpy-Eagle (Harpyopsis novaeguinineae), the Victoria Crowned-Pigeon (Goura Victoria), the Salvadoris’ Fig-Parrot (Psittaculirostris salvadorii), the Pesquet’s Parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus) and 62 species of plants, one of them is Madhuca boerlageana which is in the category Critically Endangered on the IUCN red list.

The Borneo Initiative is a capacity building program aimed at boosting sustainable forest management capacity among forest concessions in Indonesia. It operates in partnership with APHI, the Indonesian Association of Forest Concessionaires. Forest concessions that participate in The Borneo Initiative program benefit from enhanced capacity to meet the Government of Indonesia’s national requirements as defined under the SVLK-system. At the same time, they are enabled to be certified under the FSC standard, the voluntary forest certification that is globally most recognized.

Technical support to the process of certification was facilitated to a large extent by Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF). TFF provided training on reduced impact logging in combination with forest carbon assessment, a potential future additional revenue stream. First, TFF supported PT. Wapoga Mutiara Timber Unit II to obtain the Indonesian mandatory forest certification (PHPL) as required by the Government of Indonesia. Then, they supported the company to obtain voluntary FSC.

Indonesia now has 24 natural production forests with FSC certification, covering 2.8million ha. . Additionally, Indonesia has 8 forest plantations with FSC certification (351.189 ha) and 11 community groups (22.946 ha). And together with partners, The Borneo Initiative has also facilitated Indonesian forest companies to achieve the FSC controlled wood certificate for 2.5 million hectares.

Contact person: Samuel Vinson / +62 81 703 000 777



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