New Milestone – 20th FSC® certificate

PRESS RELEASE – Jakarta, 27 March 2017

On March 14, 2017 PT Graha Sentosa Permai became the 20th forest concession to achieve FSC® certification with assistance from The Borneo Initiative. Support given by The Borneo Initiative was complementary to that provided by WWF’s GFTN program, while coaching services were provided by Wana Aksara Institute. Funding was received from various donors, including IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative.

This 20th FSC-certificate raises the total certified forest area supported by The Borneo Initiative to 2,035,085 ha. When including four Controlled Wood certificates, then The Borneo Initiative has facilitated the certification of a total forest area of 2,294,700 ha. As a country, Indonesia now has 35 FSC certificates holders with 2,874,011 ha (2,392,902 ha natural forest), and 6 controlled wood certificate holders with 2,773,462 ha (of which 179,270 ha natural forest).

PT Graha Sentosa Permai is a forest concession of 44,970 ha in Central Kalimantan. It harbours such species as the Bornean white-bearded gibbon (Hylobates albibarbis), the White-fronted Langur (Presbytis frontata), the Maroon Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), the Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil) plus 16 dipterocarp species that are Critically Endangered (CR).

PT Graha Sentosa Permai is linked to the Dwima Group which already holds two other FSC certificates (PT Dwimajaya Utama – 127,300 ha and PT Carus Indonesia – 72,170 ha). It produces around 50,000 cu.m. annually, mostly meranti logs but also Bangkirai and Keruing. In total the Dwima Group can supply approx. 220,000 cu.m. of FSC certified logs from these 3 certified operation. Currently most of the floater logs (meranti) are sold to Sumber Mas Indah Plywood (FSC-C108040), while the sinker logs (Bangkirai and Keruing) are sold to Kharisma Jaya Gemilang (FSC-C104967). This industry manufactures high quality Meranti and Bangkirai mouldings and outdoor furniture products for export largely to the American and European market.

Contact persons:

1.Graha Sentosa Permai: Haris Yuniawan ( +62 21 83785608

2.Sumber Mas Indah Plywood: Hans Hartono ( +62 31 3981511

3.Kharisma Jaya Gemilang: Junita Kresnadi ( +62 24 6595678

Or contact The Borneo Initiative ( for more information.

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