Seminar and consultative round table March 6, Hotel Mulia, Jakarta

“Boosting international trade in certified wood products from Indonesia”

APHI, the Indonesian Forest Concession Holders Association, and The Borneo Initiative jointly promote sustainable forest management among APHI members, via facilitation of FSC-certification. Since 2010, 25 Indonesian forest concessions covering 2.3 million ha achieved FSC certification with support from The Borneo initiative, lifting the total FSC certified area to 2.8 million ha. Out of a total of 14 million ha of active logging concessions, this implies a coverage of about 20%. This growth in coverage of FSC certification makes Indonesia stand out in the tropical region as the country with the fastest growth in FSC certification. While FSC certification helps forest concessions to demonstrate best management practice and compliance with domestic regulations (SVLK/PHPL), both forest concessions and the Indonesian wood processing industries want FSC certification to help them to improve market access and exports to overseas markets.

FSC-International has adopted a target of 20% global market share by year 2020. While FSC certification therefore seems on target for Indonesian FSC still aims to grow its capacity in the Asia-Pacific region for increasing market access and export volume for FSC certificate holders. To this end, in cooperation with APHI and The Borneo Initiative, FSC supports a one-day seminar to consult key actors in the wood trade chain about best possible approaches for boosting international market access and exports. This is in line with priorities set by the Government of Indonesia to see an overall growth in exports of 11 % this year 2018.

Programme and objective

A one day seminar will be facilitated, with introductions from key note speakers completed with a consultative round table.

Presentations will include:

  • Adam Beaumont, FSC Regional Office Asia-Pacific: “FSC-International’s strategy for growing market share to 20% by year 2020”
  • Paul van den Heuvel, Dutch Timber Trade Federation: “Market covenants for green procurement of sustainable timber in the Netherlands and wider Europe”
  • Benoît Jobbé, ATIBT: “Example of a promotional campaign; African certified wood products: Fair and Precious”

The presentations will be preceded by a celebration of the FSC certificates achieved with facilitation from The Borneo Initiative over the period 2016-2017.

The consultative round table will be dedicated to discussion of current constraints and opportunities in market access and exports of certified wood products from Indonesia. The round table will bring together representatives of the timber trade sector, including forest concessions, wood processing industries, international traders, and line ministries.

Discussions will focus on:

  • Bottlenecks in market access felt by FSC wood processing industries
  • Current export promotion activities by FSC wood processing industries
  • Market developments and opportunities
  • Requirements for export promotion as seen by international traders

Expectations are that as an outcome of this consultative round table, joint actions can be identified between sector bodies (APHI), line ministries, and support organisations as FSC and TBI, together aiming for improved market access and export promotional activities for Indonesia’s FSC certified wood processing industries and forest concessions.

Participants and venue

The seminar and consultative round table are open to representatives from FSC certified forest concessions, wood processing industries and international trading companies, plus representatives from line ministries and support organisations.

The seminar will take place in Hotel Mulia (Gerbera Room), Jakarta on March 6, 2018.

Cost of participation in Trade Encounter on 6 March at the Mulia Hotel Jakarta:

  • Participation is free of charge, depending on room capacity
  • Participants who paid their fee under the previous programme arrangements can expect a full refund

Hotel guest rooms, factory visits and the field excursion to Kalimantan are at the expense of each participant.


March 6


March 7


Factory visits Jakarta or Semarang
(participation depending on approval of factory owners)





March 8 – 10


Field excursion to a forest concession in Kalimantan
(actual visit destination to be decided based upon number of interested participants)

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