…because every tree counts

Our world depends on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Forests provide habitats for plants and animals and protect our water supplies. Too many forests have been stripped bare of their resources.

Leading the way in sustainable forestry

The Borneo Initiative restores degraded forests so they can regain their value. Through sustainable forestry, we are preserving the environment while enabling forest communities to earn a decent living.

  • Forests

    4 million hectares managed
  • People

    300,000 people earn a living
  • Nature

    can thrive on 600,000 hectares

Our 10 year plan

Since 2008, the Borneo Initiative has supported sustainable forestry in Indonesia. While we are proud of our achievements, much more needs to be done. Together with our partners, we will continue to support sustainable forestry. Our 10-year goals include managing a total of 12 million hectares of natural forests and restoring 4 million hectares of degraded forests throughout Indonesia. This will directly benefit over 2 million people in rural communities.

You can make a difference

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    The wood, in FSC certified products, was harvested according to sustainable forestry practices. When you buy an FSC product you support forests, people and nature.

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    This program teaches students about the importance of Indonesia’s tropical forests. Program is currently available in Dutch, English and Indonesian.

Jesse Kuijper, Founder and Executive Board TBI

Jesse Kuijper, Founder and Executive Board TBI