PT Sumalindo Lestari Jaya unit IV on the way to FSC – Controlled Wood Certificate achieved

Jakarta, 11 April 2017

On April 3, 2017 PT Sumalindo Lestari Jaya unit IV (PT. SLJ IV) achieved certification according to the FSC® Controlled Wood standard for its forest concession of 63,550 ha. PT SLJ IV is strategically located along the border of the Heart of Borneo, forming one link in the future green belt of interconnected certified concessions that The Borneo Initiative is aiming to establish.

Controlled Wood is an intermediary certificate that guarantees that wood is harvested legally, in respect of social rights of local communities, without conversion of natural forest and without damage to high conservation values. PT SLJ intends to achieve full FSC certification by November 2017.

PT SLJ IV received support from WWF’s GFTN program and The Borneo initiative in combination. It is the 5th forest concession to achieve Controlled Wood certification with assistance from The Borneo Initiative. Funding was received from various donors, including IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative.

Combining this 5th Controlled Wood certificate with the 20 other full FSC-certificates supported by The Borneo Initiative, a total certified area results of 2,358,250 ha. As a country, Indonesia now has 35 FSC certificate holders with 2,874,011 ha (2,392,902 ha natural forest), and 7 controlled wood certificate holders with 2,837,012 ha (of which 242,820 ha natural forest).

PT SLJ IV harbors a range of rare, threatened and endangered species including Bos javanicus (Banteng), Nasalis larvatus (Proboscis Monkey), Neofelis nebulosa (Clouded leopard), Hylobates muelleri (Borneo gibbon), Buceros rhinoceros (Rhinoceros hornbill), etc.

Image source: Dera Syafrudin

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