Our coverage at the end of 2016 stood at 3.6 million ha, which is under the target of 4 million ha. But since the start of The Borneo Initiative, we signed support agreements with 49 forest concessions with 5.1 million ha which is a bit more than one-third of all active concessions in Indonesia. This is a major achievement by itself and has confirmed TBI as the leading certification program in Indonesia.

Also with 19 FSC certificates achieved covering 2.0 million ha, TBI has achieved 50% of its target and has more than doubled the previous existing FSC certified forest area in Indonesia. TBI expects at least to reach 3 million ha extra FSC certified area by December 2017, which will mean a compliance of 75% of target.


Table 1. Target area and realization, by year cumulative (December 2016)

 Table 2. Forest concessions supported by The Borneo Initiative (December 2016)

Table 3. Industry links of FSC certified or to-be certified concessions (December 2016)


Other voluntary certification initiatives: FSC is the largest voluntary standard among forest land managers in Indonesia with a coverage of 5.6 million ha (40 certificates). Next is LEI with 2.6 million ha (60 certificate holders), followed by PEFC with 2.4 million ha (44 certificate holders). FSC is especially relevant as the standard for voluntary certification of selective logging concessions (20 certificates covering 2.3 million ha) against 1 LEI certificate and none for PEFC.


Table 4. Voluntary certifications in Indonesia (December 2016)